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Raising Awareness about Medication Adherence

Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans don't take their medications as directed, resulting in serious health consequences. There are many factors that contribute to non-adherence, but the effect is always the same – patients are putting their health and their future at risk.

That is why this May, the National Consumers League is launching Script Your Future. Script Your Future is a national campaign to raise awareness about medication adherence. In partnership with nearly 100 public and private stakeholder organizations, the campaign will offer adherence resources to help patients and the health care professionals who care for them.

As a health care professional, you are in a critical position to help patients understand the vital role medication plays in managing a chronic condition such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, hypertension and high cholesterol. And it all starts with a conversation.

Script Your Future provides you and your patients with tools and information to work toward better adherence and a healthier future.

TCYH is a community health awareness initiative. We have created this section to support your efforts in helping patients better manage their health conditions. The site contains non-branded, non-product specific information, materials, tools and links on medication compliance.

TCYH Materials

On this page you will find links to pages containing materials and tools for patients and clinicians on the various health topics covered on this website and in the "Take Control" TV vignettes.

Patient materials

  • Avoiding Medication Mistakes:
    A list of actions patients should take to avoid medicine mistakes at home and in the hospital
  • Medication Matters Flyers *
    Below are a series of flyers to address the different excuses patients have for not taking their drugs:
  • Too Busy Flyer
  • Confused Flyer
  • Expensive Flyer
  • Forgot Flyer
  • No Need Flyer
  • Worried Flyer
  • Auto Refill Reminder: A flyer to help patients set up auto-refill programs with their pharmacies

Clinician Materials

  • Script Your Future:
    is a national campaign to improve medication compliance among patients. A special health provider website that has valuable information on how you can help your patients stay adherent to their medications.
  • Patient Questionnaire on Determining Adherence:
    A 4-question self-quiz used by health professionals to detect and predict patient adherence to medications

  • Website to Help Physicians Help Patients Stay Adherent:
    A website for medical offices containing training, tools, newsletters and other items to help practices improve patient adherence to prescribed regimens

  • Talking With Patients About Adherence:
    A recommended approach to talking and responding to patients about the importance of adherence to their prescriptions


How to Access

Each of the materials can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinks.

The list is divided into those that can be given or discussed with patients and those that can help the clinician.