Take Control of Your Health physician diabetes prevention

TCYH is a community health awareness initiative. We have created this section to support your efforts in helping patients better manage their health conditions. The site contains non-branded, non-product specific information, materials, tools and links on managing your diabetes.

TCYH Materials

On this page you will find links to pages containing materials and tools for patients and clinicians on the various health topics covered on this website and in the "Take Control" TV vignettes.

Below is the list of patient and clinician materials for: "Diabetes Management"

Patient materials

  • Diabetes and Smoking * An information sheet on smoking's impact on diabetes
  • Truths and Myths About Diabetes Brochure *A brochure correcting common myths about diabetes and insulin
  • Truths and Myths About Diabetes - Latino Brochure *A Spanish-version of the brochure correcting common myths about diabetes and insulin.
  • Learning About Insulin and Diabetes Poster A Spanish language poster on key insulin and diabetes facts.
  • Improving Your Health Brochure *A brochure for African-American patients providing tips on eating and exercise to avoid diabetes.
  • More Than 50 Ways Brochure *A brochure on how 50 ways an African-American can reduce their risk of diabetes.
  • How You Help Your Loved One *A flyer on the importance of family members helping a patient with diabetes
  • Too Much or Too Little Blood Sugar Poster *An office poster on why it's important to watch your glucose levels.
  • Head to Toe Poster *An office poster on the knowing your numbers and having eye and foot exams
  • Understanding Diabetes Meds *A brochure to help a patient manage their diabetes medications
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring Equip *A brochure to help patients effectively use blood glucose monitors

Brochures to help patients on insulin:

  • Opportunities for Treatment with Basal Insulin *
  • Helping Your Patients Transition to Insulin *
  • Checklist for Patients Starting Insulin Therapy *

Clinician Materials

  • Diabetes Care Flow Sheet This flow sheet indicates minimum services to be provided in the continuing care of persons with diabetes.
  • DIA Management Assess Form A set of questions to identify patients with diabetes who despite therapy are not achieving goals.
  • Building Trust and Improving Care Recommendations on how to build trust and improve care with African-American diabetes patients.
  • Improve Outcomes for AA Patients Recommendations on improving cultural competency to improve outcomes for African American patients.
  • 2008 ADA Consensus Statement Flashcard
  • 2009 ADA Clinical Recommendations Card
  • Diabetes Patient Health Record
  • Taking a Team Approach to Diabetes Care


How to Access

Each of the materials can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinks.

The list is divided into those that can be given or discussed with patients and those that can help the clinician.