Take Control of cancer screening for physicians and health care professionals

TCYH is a community health awareness initiative. We have created this section to support your efforts in helping patients better manage their health conditions. The site contains non-branded, non-product specific information, materials, tools and links on cancer screening information.

TCYH Materials

On this page you will find links to pages containing materials and tools for patients and clinicians on the various health topics covered on this website and in the "Take Control" TV vignettes.

Patient materials

  • Cancer.Net Guides to Cancer
    Detailed guides about a specific types of cancer, including symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, staging, treatment, clinical trials, follow-up care, and questions to ask the doctor.
  • ASCO Answers Fact Sheets
    A one-page (front and back) introduction to a specific type of cancer, including an overview of what the cancer is, an illustration of where the cancer starts, how it is treated, terms to know, and questions to ask the doctor.
  • Managing the Cost of Cancer Care
    A booklet containing information, tools, and resources to help patients manage the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis. Available in English and Spanish.
  • Advanced Cancer Care Planning
    This free booklet is designed to help people with advanced cancer and their families understand the diagnosis and treatment options, discuss these options for care throughout the course of the illness, and find support.
  • Cancer Care in Older Adults Booklet
    A booklet that addresses the unique needs and concerns of older people with cancer based on the ASCO Curriculum, Cancer Care in the Older Population.
  • Cancer Advances: News for Patients
    Summaries of cancer research presented each year at ASCO's Annual Meeting and thematic meetings.
  • What to Know: ASCO's Guidelines for Patients
    Patient-friendly guides based on ASCO's Clinical Practice Guidelines for physicians.
  • Find an Oncologist
    Search the database of ASCO members who have made their contact information public.
  • Order Promotional Materials
    tell your patients about Cancer.Net, including referral cards, leaflets, cancer information prescription pads, and posters.
Note: Information from "ASCO" is from the American Society of Clinical Oncologists.

Clinician Materials


How to Access

Each of the materials can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinks.

The list is divided into those that can be given or discussed with patients and those that can help the clinician.