Medication compliance for Employers

Improve health awareness among your employees and their families. Help them better manage health conditions. TCYH is a community health awareness initiative of the non-profit Midwest Business Group on Health and CBS2 Chicago.

Poor medication adherence can reduce workforce productivity and contribute to higher health care costs. View or download employer resources on this topic below.

Patient materials

Medication Matters Flyers

The following flyers identify the major excuses people have for not taking their medications and provide tips on how to overcome these excuses. You can order a complete set or individual flyers for distribution
  • Too Busy Flyer
  • Confused Flyer
  • Expensive Flyer
  • Forgot Flyer
  • No Need Flyer
  • Worried Flyer
  • Auto Refill Reminder: A flyer to help patients set up auto-refill programs with their pharmacies
  • Avoiding Medication Mistakes Poster

Employer Materials

  • Employers & Medication Compliance:
    A study of employer efforts and best practices in improving medication compliance at the worksite.

  • The Value of Medication Adherence to Business
  • The Importance of Adherence to Business